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About Shopping Centre Nova

The Nova shopping centre is the beating heart of a neighbourhood under development.

In partnership with local residents, the retailers’ association and the Municipality of Utrecht, Urban Interest has been working since 2008 to redesign and enhance the neighbourhood. In addition to renovating the shopping centre, the project also aims to expand on the current retail provision. With the right mix of shops, social facilities and catering venues, the shopping centre will attract not only local residents but also more visitors from further afield. Anticipating this shift, Urban Interest and the municipality are improving public transport connections, introducing a free bicycle plan and renovating and creating 800 free parking spaces. The renovation of Nova Office Building on top of the shopping centre, the improved infrastructure and the nearby Papendorp office park also contribute to our long-term strategy for the area.

The Nova shopping centre is constantly evolving. Read ONDERNAMEN’s interview with our real estate specialist Dolf Mook to find out more.

Residences, retail, offices
In portfolio
Approximately 27,000 sq m
Strategic location with a combination of homes, shops, offices and amenities

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