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About Buikslotermeerplein

At the end of 2016, Urban Interest took up the challenge to give the vacant V&D building on Buikslotermeerplein a completely new look and feel by transforming it into a multifunctional and fully-fledged part of the Boven 't IJ shopping centre.

With the departure of V&D from the Dutch shopping streets, many buildings in shopping areas have become vacant. A special challenge that Urban Interest in Amsterdam Noord has taken up and managed to return to a successful new interpretation within one year. Entirely from a new building design to construction realization and the opening of various shops and services.

The collaboration with the municipality of Amsterdam has been of particular importance in the rapid development and realization of the plans. Due to the mutual pleasant experience, Urban Interest has decided to remain involved in the further redevelopment of the shopping centre. As a result, our real estate specialists are investigating the possibility and feasibility of realizing an extra residential tower on top of the existing construction. Something that is possible because we already took this option into account during the earlier revitalization, and added an extra steel construction for this purpose. This construction is also clearly visible because the new facade has been placed over it, as it were, like a second skin.

Furthermore, the new central entrance is one of the places where the original structure of the building can still be clearly seen because of the high rectangular windows placed in front of it. The result is an inviting and open entrance for shop visitors. A new staircase has also been installed so that visitors can easily visit the first floor and the basement.

Retailers who have opened their doors in this shopping centre part include Lidl, H&M, Kruidvat, Action and So Low. For the Fit for Free sports center, the second floor of the building has been further addressed. The floor has been expanded and offers space for a terrace and has been given a green roof. Which gives a nice view for people who look out on the shopping centre from the higher building. To distinguish the sports center from the shopping center, a different type of facade material has been used. This has created a natural distinction.

Finally, the rear of the old V&D building has also been addressed. Windows have been placed in the closed, solid fa├žade for more openness and thus visibility of the shops present, a fine basis for possible further development of the shopping area.

In portfolio
Approximately 10,779 sq m GFA
Urban Climate Architects
Complete shopping center revitalization

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