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About Bellavista

The former Thorbecke office tower on De Savornin Lohmanplein has been converted into a residential complex: Bellavista.

The development has breathed new life into the multifunctional mix of housing, work and retail that is so characteristic of this quintessentially ‘Haagse’ district. Urban Interest opted to give this formerly vacant office building a full upgrade, transforming it from a grey colossus into a fresh white residential tower complete with a wealth of glass features and balconies that offer stunning views. Two floors have been added to the tower, increasing the residential capacity even further. Great challenge during the realisation was that both the shopping centre and the large rooftop car park – not to mention the nearby homes – continued to be used while the construction work was ongoing. The Bellavista residential complex houses 116 luxury rental apartments, ranging in size from 80 to around 130 square metres.

Bellavista forms part of a city-centre area development on which Urban Interest is working closely with partners including the Municipality of The Hague, De Savornin Lohmanplein retailers’ association and local residents.

The Hague, Thorbeckelaan
Residential: 116 apartments
In portfolio
Approximately 10,000 sq m
Energy label A

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