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Project Mira

In 2011, the outdated Zonderwijk shopping centre made way for a new shopping area better known under the name Mira. Three residential complexes were also realized for a better balance in the mix of functions in the district.
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The Wall

Urban Interest and fellow real estate investor Built to Build acquired this iconic building in 2018, which is situated close to the A2 motorway and Leidsche Rijn and features a distinctive red fa├žade.
Surface: Approximately 62,000 sq m Status: In portfolio Find out more
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The Bellavista residential complex houses 116 luxury rental apartments, ranging in size from 80 to around 130 square metres. The retail outlets on the ground floor are accessible from the shopping centre.
Surface: Approximately 10,000 sq m Status: In portfolio Find out more

De Drie Hoefijzers

With the purchase of De Drie Hoefijzers in 2019, Urban Interest added a true gem to its real estate portfolio. The building itself was completed in 1927 and draws its monumental character from its stately design and harmonious architecture.
Surface: Approximately 2,100 sq m Status: In portfolio Find out more