Start signal for transformation and renovation of Bredase Karnemelkstraat

14 July 2021

Entrepreneurship and investing for the long term is in our blood, so we are delighted that we are starting with the transformation and renovation of the Bredase Karnemelkstraat. The complex occupies the main connection between the Oostflank and the Markendaalseweg, directly in the city center.

About this transformation
The Coop supermarket and the renewed Intertoys will remain on the ground floor of the building. The four office floors above will be completely renovated and transformed. We will be realizing 46 rental apartments here, in the social and mid-rental segment. The facade will also be given a general face-lift, so that the appearance of the complex will be completely up to date again.

We are extra pleased with this development because, in addition to a qualitative upgrade, we are adding a residential function to the complex. As a result there will be more activity in the area, which will have a good impact also after the shops close in the evening. We see this as a win-win situation.

The total renovation will take about a year. First of all, the necessary stripping and demolition work on the floors will be carried out by our construction company Beelen. After this, we will start the rebuilding work after the summer. Visitors to the Coop and Intertoys can still visit the shops since they will be remained open during the construction work.

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