The Leidsche Schouw I office building in Leiden is fully let

2 July 2020

With the arrival of the new tenants Capestone B.V. and Kuijpers are now fully leased from all 4,700 square meters of the Leidsche Schouw I office building.

Capestone B.V. rents 336 m² of office space on the fourth floor of the office building. In addition, she will have access to five parking spaces. Capestone is an innovative company that provides mobile internet solutions to telecom & IT resellers, system integrators, service providers and manufacturers at home and abroad. This means that they make mobile internet available everywhere, even where it is not yet. Capestone is currently located in Nieuwegein, but with a view to the future and growth, the representative office building Leidsche Schouw I has been chosen.

Kuijpers will be located on the fifth and seventh floors and will rent a total of 507 m² of office space. The family business Kuijpers has been active as a technical service provider since 1921. With fourteen branches spread throughout the Netherlands, Kuijpers is involved both nationally and locally. The pharma is one of the markets in which Kuijpers is an important player. By choosing to settle in the representative office building Leidsche Schouw I, they are located directly opposite the Bio Science Park. As a result, Kuijpers is close to a number of its customers.

After previous letting to the Eurotransplant International Foundation / Dutch Transplantation Foundation (3,100 sq m) and DPS Engineering (1,400 sq m), the Leidsche Schouw I has been fully let.