Supermarket chain Lidl is growing in our De Stede shopping center

1 June 2021

Supermarket concern Lidl is growing and growing. The location in our Stede shopping center in The Hague recently expanded in size. A possibility that arose when the property next to it became vacant. Because Lidl has a long-term focus in our shopping center, we also renewed the rental agreement for this improved location.

What’s new in this brand-new Lidl that just opened its doors? S P A C E is the keyword! The layout has been improved and the product range has plenty of space for a better display. Aisles have been made wider so that customers can walk comfortably and safely through the store.

The outside area has also been upgraded. At the end of 2020, the municipality worked on improving and expanding the parking area, which now also includes charging points for electric cars. And nice play equipment has been placed for the smallest in the family. So that they too can use their time “usefully” and play with neighborhood children while they wait during shopping time.