Lidl in Zwolle’s Aa-landen shopping centre now future-proof

3 March 2020

On behalf of Urban Interest, and in cooperation with the Lidl supermarket chain and the Municipality of Zwolle, our real estate specialist Marcus van der Ham and his team have been working hard to optimise the store. They have expanded the floor space by more than 400 square metres, including a newly-designed first floor with facilities such as an extra staff area, which has freed up space on the ground floor to expand the supermarket’s product range. This ‘new’ Lidl now also has a fully-fledged fresh bakery and self-scan checkouts, and now that the main entrance has been moved to a much more prominent position, the supermarket really catches the eye. A plot of land was acquired from the Municipality of Zwolle to make this project possible. Urban Interest intends to continue working with the municipality to improve accessibility by bicycle and introduce better bike storage options.

We would like to thank all our partners for making this such a great collaboration, and to the team at Lidl Aa-landen: we hope you enjoy working in your newly renovated store!

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