Easily accessible blood donations; it is now possible at the Powerbank of blood bank Sanquin in Nova Shopping Center

8 July 2020

Our Nova shopping center on Kanaleneiland is getting an increasingly rich offer in retail and facilities. You will find a variety of shops, catering, sports, entertainment, residents, offices and various social functions such as a health center and dentist. Recently visitors have come across a very special service. Not to receive but to give! For the first time in the Netherlands, the Sanquin blood bank opens a donation location where visitors can donate blood; the Powerbank. With this, Sanquin makes donating blood easily accessible and publicly accessible.

We are pleased to add this beautiful service to our shopping center and welcome blood bank Sanquin and all its donors. A wonderful addition, especially at this time, in which blood donations help in the fight against the corona virus.

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