Our vision on real estate

There’s nothing typical about our portfolio

Real estate is our passion – it’s what drives us. We develop, manage, rent, buy and sell residences, offices, business spaces and retail property throughout the Netherlands. There’s nothing typical about our real estate portfolio. From high-end residential complexes that are perfect for expats to local shopping centres and historic listed office buildings. You will find what you’re looking for in our portfolio.

Where other investors see risks, we see opportunities. We thoroughly investigate the possibilities, prerequisites and success factors for potential investments, and we work closely with market stakeholders, often at a local level. This way of working, together with our vision for real estate, has enabled us to operate successfully for over 30 years as one of the largest private investors in the Netherlands.

What to expect from us

Practical people in an agile organisation

At Urban Interest, we do what we say and say what we do. We establish clear agreements with our tenants, maintenance partners, fellow property owners and the people we work with, and we manage our mutual expectations.

We make sure that our buildings are – and remain – in a good physical state. The quality of our real estate is important to us, and we deliver that quality at a price that’s in line with the market. Our specialists know the real estate market very well, and they work closely with all market players. Urban Interest has its finger on the pulse, and we are well positioned to anticipate events and developments.

Our real estate specialists

Our team of approximately 60 specialists work hard to maintain and expand our real estate portfolio. Under the leadership of our management, we keep a close eye both on the market and on our network so that we can act decisively to anticipate on developments, new opportunities and propositions.

We keep our lines of communication with our specialists short. They visit our real estate locations frequently and are in daily contact with stakeholders. The success of our real estate investments is not simply a matter of how we manage and maintain the bricks and mortar; it is also the result of a good price-quality balance and tenant satisfaction.

Corporate social responsibility

What does it mean to us?

Real estate management involves carrying out both small-scale and major maintenance on a regular basis. We choose our materials with the environment in mind, and wherever possible we strive to find the most sustainable solutions. Urban Interest properties are regularly renovated and upgraded when research shows that such renovations will add value. Find out more about our sustainable choices within our portfolio:

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